Seeking Guidance as a Pet Parent from a Psychic Advisor

Thank you California Psychics for sponsoring this post and for providing a complimentary reading. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.

Many of you know that as a pet parent, you do everything you can to make sure your furbaby is as comfortable as possible. You make sure he/she has the best food, the best veterinary care, daily walks, lots of love, but not actually being able to speak as a human child would, they cannot tell you in a human voice how they feel, so you go with your intuition, your gut, your inner voice on what you think is best. 

California psychics pet parent

Why did I want a psychic reading with California Psychics?

If you have been a follower of Arner Adventures, you know the grief we suffered after losing our past pets, especially me (Shannon) over the loss of Pharrell in 2017. Having always questioned certain things, for example, certain behaviors of Pharrell’s in the end, our connection after his passing, whether I did the right thing, I have always wanted to make sure that I was doing what was best with Betty White. As she is beginning to age a bit, (she will be 11 in July) those questions begin to creep into my head again, and the worries start to rise. I know I am a great pet parent, let’s not kid ourselves. ;) Plenty of friends tell me that they want to come back in another life as my pet. 

If you are new to this blog, and perhaps stumbled upon this post, first, welcome! Know that I was seeking a deeper connection with my furbaby, Betty White. I wanted to see if I could connect on a level that I had perhaps been unable to, in a communicative form.  

California psychics pet parent

The Process

Once I logged onto the California Psychics website and created my account, I was able to search for a psychic advisor whose specialty was with animals/pets. The really nice thing, for me, was that it was convenient, so I didn’t have to make an appointment. California Psychics is available 24/7, so I was able to choose a time that fit my schedule. The psychic advisor I chose, Shamira, seemed to fit the criteria I was looking for. I also felt comfort in knowing that California Psychics vets their applicants, only accepting 2 in 100 through their thorough and vigorous testing and training, so that made me feel at ease moving forward.

California psychics pet parent

I settled myself in a quiet space, alongside Betty White. I kept my hand on Betty as the call started. I gave Shamira only a bit of information, asking some questions and prompting her with some of my concerns. I found her demeanor to be calming, soothing, and wise. Though she communicated with me via the phone, she often told me that Betty White was showing her things, communicating with her by letting her know certain details by enlightening her in that manner, which I thought was really interesting!

The Aha Moments!

California psychics pet parent

Though some of the insight was general at first, as the conversation moved along, Psychic Shamira began discussing some things that she mentioned Betty White was showing her, which were spot on. For example, when talking about Betty White’s disinterest in the cats across the street, she described what they look like in great detail. She said that Betty White did not like when we fed the stray cats.  She also said that Betty kept showing her her bed, how much she enjoys it. Very insightful, Shamira mentioned that there may be an issue with Betty’s teeth (which we now know that there is and are taking care of it). A chilling moment was when Shamira discussed Betty White wanting us to know her appreciation for us as a family. She said that Betty knows that we do everything for her, and that no one else would have done what we did, especially in the beginning.

Background– When we rescued Betty White, she was food aggressive after having been starved early in her life. She had some issues with Pharrell when eating, so we struggled quite a bit. We used to always say, “we have to have patience with her and stick this out, not many people would.”  So, you can imagine how this was a chillbump moment for me to hear this during the reading. She also said that Betty White knows that she was “second fiddle” to Pharrell, since he was older, and she understood, but now it’s her time.

Mic drop. 


I could not believe it. 

To say this was an aha! moment is an understatement. 

California psychics pet parent

Lastly, and this wasn’t an aha! moment until after the call ended, but Shamira made a comment about us having stairs. She said that Betty White kept showing her stairs and that she enjoyed them. I told Shamira that we don’t have stairs, and I was actually thrown off because Betty has arthritis. Betty wouldn’t enjoy stairs because we built her a ramp on our back deck (the only steps I could think of) due to her arthritis. After the call ended, I got up to take Betty outside, and when she walked down the cushion steps off of the couch, I turned around with my eyes bulging and gasped! I looked at Betty and shouted, “those are the steps you love! You love having the cushion steps to help you get onto the couch!” Shamira was right; I just didn’t think about the steps being those stairs that Betty White was referring to.

The Takeaways

California psychics pet parent

Wow. My biggest takeaway is to be open-minded. I really wish I would have consulted with a California Psychics advisor when Pharrell was alive, or perhaps even after his passing. I think it would have helped me along my grieving process to consider it as an option. Since the reading, I do feel a deeper connection with my sense of communication with Betty White, even non-verbal cues that we give each other. Even though I probably knew before that she picks up on my emotions, I feel it even more now. She needs so much from us, and knowing that she truly feels that we do everything we can for her, and that she appreciates it, warms my heart, and that is truly the best thing I could have taken away from this experience. I truly feel as though we are walking down a new path with each other. 

If you are a pet parent like me and wish for a deeper connection to your furbaby, or maybe you are seeking guidance on a career change or your love life, head over to the California Psychics website to book your reading, and use code shannon5 to receive $5 added to your account when you purchase your first reading.

Thank you California Psychics for sponsoring this post and for providing a complimentary reading. All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.



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