The Goodtime Hotel: A Review of Our Good Time

The Goodtime Hotel

What better way to begin our post-pandemic travel than to Pharrell Williams’ newly opened digs in Miami Beach, Florida: The Goodtime Hotel

When we first heard about The Goodtime Hotel opening, we could hardly wait to experience it. If Pharrell had anything to do with the cultivation of a hotel experience, we knew it would be amazing. For those of you who know us, you know the Pharrell connection brought all of this full circle, to begin our travels, fresh start, new beginnings, just all around good vibes in a really cool way. If you are new here, our pup, Pharrell, who was named after the Pharrell, passed away a few years ago, so the connection was just, again, very cool. It was a great way to bring things full circle, and to start our travels off again with a really good time. 

The Goodtime Hotel is a collaborative lifestyle hotel from Pharrell and David Grutman of Groot Hospitality. The 266-room hotel is a stone’s throw from Ocean Drive, the perfect location for where you want to be while staying in Miami Beach. The hotel has an art deco aesthetic that is jaw-dropping, the moment you walk into the atrium area, and into the reception at check-in. 

The Goodtime Hotel
The atrium (L) and the exterior of the building (R) give you a sense of relaxation upon arrival.

The Service at The Goodtime Hotel

We want to start with the service at The Goodtime Hotel. It is superior, aside from the aesthetics, which we will get back to, of course. Before we arrived, we received a text from the hotel welcoming us the next day. The text gave us an itinerary of the events going on at the hotel for the weekend. When we texted back, thinking it was an automated system, someone personally texted back. We were shocked, in a very good way. This was a personal touch that we were not expecting. The texting service continued during our entire stay with check-ins daily, asking how our stay was. The service also invited texts if we needed anything, or had questions. 

Second, from the moment you walk into the atrium, there is someone to greet you, happily, and genuinely. We scheduled an early arrival so that we could capture as much of Miami Beach as possible while we were in town. We thought we would see if our room was ready.

At check-in, we were greeted by name, immediately. It was as if they knew who we were as we walked in. Our room wasn’t ready early, but they happily stored our luggage, and explained the offerings of the hotel, how we could be accommodated and what was offered.  

Throughout our stay, every single person, from the housekeeping staff, pool, Strawberry Moon, bartenders, cafe staff, even the faceless person texting back and forth using the service were absolutely phenomenal. We’re unsure if The Goodtime Hotel has a training process that runs through this type of service instructing, or if they are that selective at who they hire, but it is working, and we hope they continue the method they are using. It is exceptional.  

Our Guest Room at The Goodtime Hotel

We had read, and viewed on the website that the rooms were cozy. We are tiny living fans, so you cannot scare us with the word small nor tiny when it comes to accommodations. Plus, how long will you actually be spending in your room in Miami Beach, anyway? No surprises here that we booked the Queen room that is 180 square feet. Again, it was cozy, which was fine for the two of us, but it was adorable! We had a corner room, windows all around, and a view facing the ocean.

The room had a modern-tropical flare that was clean, yet fun with custom bedding, bespoke drapes with the most adorable design which also included a blackout option-LOVE, a comfy bench, Ortigia bath amenities, a 55” flat screen TV-GIANT, and a signature pink mock-rotary dial phone. We had no one to call on this phone, but really wanted to. It was lovely!

Oh, and we cannot forget, the most fab robe was waiting for us in the room. The only complaint we had was that there were not two. We would have definitely loved to have grabbed some pics of us both wearing robes, and we may have even donned them around the hotel during our stay. 

The Goodtime Hotel
The queen corner room was cozy and comfy.

On the mirror in the bathroom was a note written welcoming us to The Goodtime Hotel, from the staff. Personal touches like this were just, so sweet!

The Goodtime Hotel
All the Miami-elegance bathroom feels.

The Library at The Goodtime Hotel

For most hotels, we wouldn’t touch on the library, but for The Goodtime hotel, the library is a primary focus of the aesthetic. Bonus, it is an instagrammable haven of the hotel. You simply cannot stay here without snapping tons of pics to share on the gram. As Pharrell mentioned in an interview with Architectural Digest, and I have to agree, the vibe is a bit of Wes Anderson meets Margot Tenenbaum. While you won’t see many guests with their nose in a book, you may find people working on their laptop, or even sitting, having a cocktail as they ponder life. It is a super chill, tranquil vibe with plush, relaxing sofas, and again, a photo opp that cannot be missed. 

The Goodtime Hotel
 Très chic at the library.

The Decor at The Goodtime Hotel

American designer Ken Fulk is responsible for the interior design of The Goodtime Hotel’s aesthetic. Pastel colors and wicker furniture that you may see in an episode of The Golden Girls, but only in the most chic way– all matching the art deco style of Miami, with oh so much pastel pink, it will make all of your photos from your vacay look ahhh-mazing! There will be no doubt that you were in Miami when people see your pics. There are several areas of the hotel that have pops of leopard print fabric against the muted pastels, that give this hotel the appeal of adventure you need, without it seeming overbearing. 

Everything from the sconces in the hallway, the wallpaper in the elevator, the pink retro phones in the guest rooms, the entryway of the atrium, every single thing has been thought out with much detail to appeal to anyone who enters The Goodtime Hotel. It truly is like a dessert for the eyes. 

The Goodtime Hotel
The elevator interior (L) and the sconces outside of the guest rooms (R).

Strawberry Moon

Speaking of dessert for the eyes… Strawberry Moon! Ahhhh! Strawberry Moon is an indoor/outdoor atmosphere named after the full moon closest to the summer solstice. It includes a Mediterranean restaurant, bar, the pool, the library is actually a part of Strawberry Moon, the gym, and an outdoor lounge area, which includes these adorable hanging cocoon pods where we often just laid around in with a cocktail. I saw a few people lounge in these cocoons in the morning for meditation. 

Strawberry Moon
Relaxation cocoons (L) and the outdoor workout area (R) overlook the Miami Beach cityscape.

The pool is THE place to be! It is cabana-heaven! We have never been to a pool atmosphere that has a cooler vibe than the pool at Strawberry Moon. 

Let’s talk about the drink menu. Oh my! Purple Reign was our fave, but there were many handcrafted cocktails that were to die for, and should be tried during your stay, as well as the nosh offered on their food menu. 

The gym includes an outdoor workout area with MyBeast immersive training that overlooks the cityscape of Miami Beach, as well as an indoor area that has Peloton bikes. Perfect to work off those cocktails you enjoyed the night prior. 

Strawberry Moon Pool
Purple Reign (L) and us, living that cabana life (R).

The ordering process at the restaurant and bar is all done via QR code ordering which we loved! Sustainable-ordering warms our hearts. Just bring your cell phone to scan the code, peruse the menu on your phone, and pay via your phone. Voila! Easy peasey! It’s a cashless hotel. How avant-garde! You really shouldn’t expect anything less at The Goodtime Hotel.

Strawberry Moon Pool
Basking in the tranquil waters of the pool at Strawberry Moon

Need To Know

There are a few things that we feel are important for you to know before you go, so that you are able to have the best experience at The Goodtime Hotel:

  • If you are looking for coffee when you wake, there is a cafe on the 3rd floor at Strawberry Moon where you can order a yummy Americano to your liking, or any other latte, or other option. They also have some pastries, breads, juices, and other goodies. For breakfast, you will need to make plans at one of the many restaurants within walking distance. Hit us up for some recommendations.
  • Beach access is super close, about a block away. Be sure to ask the front desk for beach towels before you head down there, and they will give you instructions on how to get access to your beach chairs. When you return from your beach day, be sure to bring your towels back so you do not incur any charges. They are ADORABLE beach towels, too. They should totally sell them! 
  • Guys! Strawberry Moon doesn’t allow shorts in the restaurant for dinner. Be sure to bring some nice slacks or linen pants, and partake in what Strawberry Moon has to offer if you will be arriving past 6pm.
  • The Pool at Strawberry Moon turns into a club on the weekend at noon until dark, so if that is not your scene, you may want to either book your stay during the week, or enjoy the pool in the morning, and then head down to the beach during the day, or enjoy South Beach during the DJ scene. If the DJ club scene is your jam, then you are in luck. During our stay, Strawberry Moon hosted David Guetta and Marshmello. Big names, people! 
Strawberry Moon Pool
Enjoying coffee from the cafe, poolside, is the best way to start the day.

Our Takeaway

According to Pharrell, The Goodtime Hotel is “that adrenaline-fueled sensation of entering a whole new setting and a whole new mindset. This place will provide a natural good time for all who come through.” That is exactly what this experience was for us: a natural good time, and we can hardly wait to come through again. 

We came for the good time, and a good time was had.

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  1. Oh my word. I’m in my 60’s and this is going on my bucket list. It’s so tropical and hip. Even my husband and I can get down with that!😉 Your description makes me want to get reservations today. Also, thanks for the tips!

    1. Awww, we are thrilled that you found this to be helpful, and inspiring! We truly feel that The Goodtime Hotel has something to offer everyone! Let us know if you are able to make it down there, and how you enjoy it! <3

      1. It sounds like you had a wonderful experience at your stay over the weekend. Glad you had a good time. I can’t wait to see all of your photo.

  2. This hotel is clearly a new Classic. It captures the Miami vibe and aesthetic perfectly. And Gerry, so do you!! My next trip down I’m booking a room. Strawberry Moon here I come!

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