Guide to Spending 3 Days in Miami Beach

Guide 3 Days in Miami Beach

So, you’re planning a long weekend in Miami Beach, and you want to know what you should do and see while you are there. Well, you are in luck! We have put together the perfect guide for spending 3 days in Miami Beach, so that you don’t have to Google your way through the weekend, losing precious time that you could be spending living it up in this beautiful beach town! Well, it is hardly a beach town- more like, beach mecca, but you get what we are saying!

Miami Beach offers something for everyone! While there are some low-price/free things to do, you should plan to spend some money, especially on the food and drinks. Miami Beach is not cheap. Just like any trip, as long as you plan accordingly, and set a budget, you should be just fine. 

Here we go!

  1. You HAVE to spend a day on South Beach. If you are staying at a hotel that offers beach chair/towel service, like we did at The Goodtime Hotel, wonderful. If not, bring a towel, lots of beverages to stay hydrated, and enjoy the beautiful blue water, and some of the most beautiful people you have ever seen! The beach is hot, and so are the people! 
Guide 3 Days in Miami Beach
South Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the US.
  1. Dine al fresco on Ocean Drive. Ocean drive is the best place to people-watch as it is the drive that runs parallel to the beach, so you get to see all kinds of people, but it also is so gorgeous with so many colors. The buildings on Ocean drive are beautifully painted of all colors of the rainbow. You can catch some sun, while drinking a piña colada, or sit under an umbrella. Your choice, but you must do this!
  2. Walk down Collins Avenue and take in the streetscape, and shopping, if that is your thing. Collins Avenue has as much to offer in visual appeal as Ocean drive does. They are both synonymous with South Beach, and on foot, you simply cannot miss a thing. In the 1980’s Tony Goldman (yes, that Tony Goldman) began developing much of the South Beach area, and this area became an art deco haven. It is like eye candy! 
Guide 3 Days in Miami Beach
  1. Go to a drag show at The Palace. The Ocean drive location is iconic and no matter what time of day you go, it is a good time. Men, women, old, and young, all are welcome. Grab a drink, food, and enjoy yourself!
  2. Have lunch at The Versace Mansion. We don’t want to confuse you; it’s not called The Versace Mansion anymore. It is called Gianni’s. Sure, it is super fancy, but totally worth it. You can also stay at the mansion if you’re a baller, but at least have lunch there. 
  3. Visit the Holocaust Memorial. This memorial is a sight to behold. The space, all outdoors, is free, and accessible anytime, though there is a sign that says it is open from 9:30am until sunset. This is a sacred space, quiet, serene, and the large sculpture at the memorial is breathtaking. 
Guide 3 Days in Miami Beach
The Holocaust Memorial is a peaceful area of Miami Beach.
  1. Visit the Bass Art Museum. Now, full transparency, we only visited the outside because the outside grounds were amazing, and there are colorful sculptures on the grounds. There was a cost to enter, and we didn’t want to waste the sunshine going indoors, but going inside would be an option if you want to cool off, or if you want to avoid a rainy day. We do encourage you to visit the outside area, no matter what. 
  2. For a cool experience, and a cheap beer, visit the Miami Vice Bar- Mac’s Deuce Bar. Not only is it the oldest bar in Miami, and was featured in lots of episodes of Miami Vice, but it has a really old school vibe. Dark, neon lights, and they only take cash. Very cool!
Guide 3 Days in Miami Beach
  1. While there are tons of instagrammable moments around Miami Beach, a fun photo opp is on Washington Avenue: the SOBE sign, similar to the Philly LOVE sign. So fun! 
Guide 3 Days in Miami Beach
  1. Find a pool party and immerse yourself in the true Miami Beach way of life! Our hotel, The Goodtime Hotel, has parties in the summer, every Saturday and Sunday, and many of the hotels in the area do, too. If yours doesn’t, get on Facebook and find one where there is a great DJ and a decent cover charge and go have a great time. 

If we can recommend anything, it is to stay on foot, walk as much as you can. The Miami Beach area is beautiful, colorful, and has the most gorgeous aesthetic. Sure, you can drive around in a convertible and that would be really cool, but you will miss so much being in a car that you will only see when you have the time walking around the city. 

So, enjoy your time in Miami Beach. We hope this guide to spending 3 days in Miami Beach is a great resource for you. Let us know how much fun you have. It is going to be amazing! 

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