Mental Wellness

Our mental wellness is a topic that is of constant importance as we weave our way through this journey called life. While it is something we work on every single day, it can also shine glaringly like the sun in the afternoon sky on the drive home, letting us know that it is there, if we ever tend to not give it the attention it deserves.

Having lived through many years, prior to our coupling, not taking proper care of our mental health, the symptoms were obvious as we looked at one another, but not so much within ourselves. It took a few years of marriage, owning a business together, suffering grief, loss, and some careful discussions with each other, to finally realize that we both had to start putting our mental health first, in order to maximize the potential that life has to offer, individually, but also as a union.

You see, whether you realize it or not, your mental wellness is evident, and the symptoms of poor mental health can often manifest into poor physical health. For some reason, our society tends to have little to no stigma about going to the doctor to mend a broken leg, or to rehabilitate a torn muscle, but working on our mental health, well, that is something that is altogether different in the way it is looked upon. We make a strong effort to not hide the fact that we are both a work in progress towards positive mental health. We have both struggled with our share of anxiety, grief, and depression; we also know what it means to have felt shame in admitting that, however through much growth, therapy, and learning skills to help cope with those feelings, we no longer accept disgrace, or poor perceptions that many can place upon those who are working on their mental health. We want to offer a safe space for dialog via our blog, email, or messaging in our social media platforms, as we discuss methods that have helped us, and are continuing to provide guidance towards positive mental wellness. Guess what, that work in progress, for us, is also, an Arner Adventure! 😊

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