Summer Self-Care Check-in: Checklist Included

Summer Self-Care

Ever since we were young, summer is the season we all look forward to. We all remember counting down the days until summer break. It is still our favorite season, but with it comes high expectations. We thought we would create a summer self-care check-in. It’s a good time to have a pulse check for not only our physical health but our mental health. While comparisonitis is in full swing, we want to remind you that summer self-care is important. Also, checking in with yourself can be done any time of year.

To make this easy, we put this in a checklist format. We love when things are made simple. 

Summer Self-Care Check-in Checklist

Try saying that a few times, quickly. πŸ™‚

  • Get outside. We cannot say this enough. Getting outside just helps you reset. Whether you are working from home during the day, or just spending time inside too much, be sure you take time to be outside. This does so much for your mental and physical health. If you want a fun and easy way to get outside, try our free Get Outdoors Challenge. Nothing says summer self-care like going outside for a bit.
  • Start a meditation practice. We know. You may be reading this and are rolling your eyes, but trust us. If we can do it, you can do it. You can start with a simple meditation that we do. It is quick and easy and walks you through five easy steps to calm your mind. You can grab it here
  • Start a gratitude practice. Whether you can see the good things in your life to be grateful for or not, even if you can just recognize one thing each day to be grateful for, you will find that this practice helps reduce stress. Sometimes just the ability to breathe is something to be grateful for, and that is ok. You can use a journal, or you can use an app like the Gratitude: Self-Care Journal.
  • Bring on the summer songs! We have a fabulous summer playlist if we do say so ourselves! You can listen to it here. You can also create your own playlist. Music is a great way to care for yourself, especially if it creates good vibes and makes you want to move and dance! Upbeat and happy is best for the summer self-care beats!
  • Get moving! The way we love to get moving is on our bikes in the summer! We love riding our Schwinn electric bikes, which makes it where we can pedal and get exercise and also use the throttle and just sort of glide along if we want to let it take us for a ride. We highly recommend these! Plus, they are really cool looking! Here is Shannon’s and here is Gerry’s. 
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We love scooting around in the summer on our Schwinn e-bikes. Save $150 on your e-bike (Coston DX and CE models) with code: ARNER150
  • Cultivate your own at-home spa day. Listen, going to a fancy spa is luxurious, but it also takes time to fit into your schedule and it is pricey. Keep it low-stress and DIY it. We have all you need right here. You know it wouldn’t be the proper spa day without the playlist to accompany it. 
  • Dine al fresco! Similar to getting outside, dining outdoors has its own benefits. It is thought that we slow down when we eat outdoors. We tend to slow our chewing process, which makes the entire process of digestion healthier for our bodies. Not only that, but we get to take in nature, which is always better for us. Have a picnic, set up your dining table outdoors, or go to a restaurant, and ask to sit outside while you dine.
  • Eat fresh fruit and veggies from the summer season. You can do this from your own garden, or you can grab these from your local farmer’s market. Not only are these seasonal produce foods yummy, but they are healthier for you.
Summer self-care
There is no better taste than in-season veggies, especially when you grew them yourself!
  • Get in or near water. If you are a longtime reader/follower of this blog, this isn’t new to you. We LOVE being near water. If you are new here, let us tell you that being near or in water is healing. It is why we moved to live near it. Your mind, body, and spirit are affected in a positive way by water. If you can go for a swim, wade in a body of water, or even sit by it, do that this summer. Your self-care routine can be meditating by the water or simply gazing at it.
  • Declutter your home and your mind. Most people think of decluttering at the beginning of the year, but mid-year is a great time to reassess your stuff and the things that weigh your mind down. We have a declutter challenge that walks you through easy, daily prompts for 30-days to declutter the things that you may not need anymore, but also rid of negative thoughts and create positive habits in your life.

Just remember that summer is all about what you want it to be. Don’t spend time comparing your summer to someone else’s. Make this summer all about self-care, or sand between your toes, popsicles, or a backyard blow-up pool! Whatever floats your boat, that is what it’s all about!

Let us know what you think!