The Perfect Labor Day Staycation- Backyard Oasis

Perfect Labor Day Staycation Backyard Oasis

This Labor Day, we want you to relax. Life is short. Take the time off that you need. Labor day is a day to be laborless. Make it the perfect Labor Day staycation in your backyard oasis. We’re going to show you how we do it, in an easy, low-budget, but fun and beautiful way.

It seems as though, when people hear the words, “backyard oasis” they immediately go to luxury pools, immaculate landscape, and a marble fountain in the center. Well, don’t worry. We definitely aren’t talking about that kind of an oasis. An oasis is your sanctuary. It is a place where you can relax, take in a nap hear and there, and really enjoy your surroundings without stressing over how much money you spent, or if it will be damaged.

If you’re not sure where to begin, well, we will cover the topic areas that we thing bring the oasis to “backyard oasis.”


You’re going to need something to sit in, that is lounge-worthy.

We love our Adirondack Chairs from Lowe’s. We found ours in a fun, beachy teal that goes with our coastal theme. They are weather-resistant resin, and super comfortable.

backyard oasis

Take your lounging a knotch up, and get yourself a hammock. Our hammock was rated one of the “Top 8 Best Hammocks for Backyards” by Travel & Leisure, so we think we are in pretty good hands. It is the Arlmont & Co Spreader Bar Hammock With Stand. This hammock is so comfortable, and afforable. One of us finds ourselves napping in it by the end of every weekend. By one of us, we are including Betty White.

Perfect Labor Day Staycation Backyard Oasis


Ok, we’re not saying you need to call the pool company and have a pool installed. We have a solution WAY better than that, and much more chic. Head over to FUNBOY and grab yourself a Resort Kiddie Pool, but it’s for you, the adult. At the time of publication of this blog, they were having a sale on their pools, so scoop one up. FUNBOY pools are sustainably made, have longer lasting materials, and are free of cancer-causing chemicals that other single-summer pools are made of. There is still plenty of summer left. If you’re in the south, you have PLENTY of pool time remaining. If you’re not, you’ll get one heck of a deal on a FUNBOY pool for next pool season.

Perfect Labor Day Staycation Backyard Oasis


If you’ve been following our blog this summer, you know that we’ve had our series of DIY summer cocktails we enjoy at home. Check them out here if you need some ideas. The trick for making your backyard an oasis is not just making cocktails at home, but making them aesthetically enjoyable. Make them fun! Don’t skimp on the garnish, or the presentation!

Perfect Labor Day Staycation Backyard Oasis

We love using Coconut Bowls to serve piña coladas, or other rum cocktails. You’ll see, in the pool we like to use the flamingo drink floaties that came from a bar in Key West. Fun times!


For your backyard oasis, you’re going to need to get yourself some ambiance. What does that entail? Well, a lot of it includes lighting, especially at dusk. Look, Labor Day weekend doesn’t just include the daytime, it also includes the night. It’s a staycation, not a daycation. You want to enjoy every bit of it.

Something that we enjoy year round are our Outdoor String Edison Lights. This set, by the way, has held up through bad weather, and longer than any other set that we have ever had. We highly recommend them. We feel that the edison lights give our entire backyard the ambiance that makes us want to stay out all evening. They are amazing! Do yourself a favor and get yourself some of these lights. You won’t believe the difference they will make to the feelings you will have towards your backyard environment.

Perfect Labor Day Staycation Backyard Oasis

Tiki torches are just the best. We don’t have a specific brand we recommend, because honestly, we’ve had these for the longest time, and we can’t even remember where we got them, but we know we didn’t invest much money in them. This is proven by the fact that Gerry has had to provide support for them with rebar this past year, but they still work. Tiki torches provide a nice touch to your ambiance as well, and will also give you all the feels of wanting to stay outside until way past your bedtime.

Perfect Labor Day Staycation Backyard Oasis

Plants also provide another piece of the ambiance that we love. I’ve introduced you all to “Jimmy”, our yucca tree in the past. He lives inside during the colder months, but enjoys the outside during the warmer time of the year. Jimmy provides an aesthetic that is much like an island palm. His leaves make us feel like we are in the tropics as he waves around in the backyard. We also have a hibiscus plant that lives outside in the summer, and blooms this time of year. Think about what type of plants you can either bring outside into your backyard, or plant in pots, low budget, to give some color, or make you feel your most relaxed.

Perfect Labor Day Staycation Backyard Oasis

There are a couple of other additions that we’ve shown you before in our Surf Shack: A Lifestyle and Inspiration blog, but these are things that resonate with us. Some of the tips here are things that we hope can give you ideas of how you can make your backyard the oasis that you can enjoy, and make you feel like being at home, enjoying a staycation, as a fabulous alternative to Labor Day vacation plans, and enjoy year round.

Perfect Labor Day Staycation Backyard Oasis

Let us know if you have other backyard oasis on a budget tips and ideas. We’d love to hear about them! In the meantime, enjoy your laborless Labor Day weekend!

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